July 30, 2012

Kyle & Samantha’s Fantastic Back Yard Wedding

Samantha contacted me looking for a wedding videographer to capture her special day. She came with links to some of the best videos on which is a popular wedding blog. She knew what she wanted. The good thing is that I like a Bride who knows what she wants, the bad thing is that it set the bar really high.

I don’t often get to shoot video at weddings because I am usually the photographer. My video team handles capturing video while I take care of the photos. Since I made the switch from Videographer to Photographer six years ago, I have yet to film a wedding, so needless to say, I was very excited to get to shoot Kyle and Samantha’s wedding.

Of course this was not just any ordinary back yard wedding, the reception was held in the back yard of the Bride’s parents which is surrounded by vineyards. It was absolutely breathtaking and a perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding.

It was a weird transition going from being the guy who is usually running the show to being the video guy who does his work behind the scenes. I often say as a Photographer that I am capturing moments in people’s lives when in reality I am only capturing a still frame of that moment. While shooting video I was actually capturing moments that included not only just that perfect single frame that is often a photograph but the frames leading up to it and the frames after it as well. It was a great experience I plan to replicate again soon.

I was a little over respecting of the photographer, which was the fabulous Stephanie Baker who’s work I am already familiar with and a fan of. I realized that it would have been nice to have a couple of high quality still photos to use with the DVD title screen and DVD Label design, however I was able to pull such a nice still from the video that it turned out looking rather nice.

I am very happy with how this video turned out. Kyle & Samantha’s video was written to Blu-ray disc which looked AMAZING on my TV and on the screen at my office. Sean did a great job with the editing. I have a good team!

Here is the DVD menu. This image was pulled from video footage captured on a Canon 60D. Just goes to show that we are getting closer to being able to pull stills from video footage.

Wedding DVD Title Menu

Here is another still frame capture from video. I used this photo for the DVD Cover. This image is not as sharp as it would be if it was captured as a photo but it still turned out nice considering it is from video.

Kyle Samantha DVD Cover

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