Casey & Katelyn Engagement

I had a great time driving around with Casey and Katelyn as we looked for interesting spots to take engagement portraits. Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.

Derek & China Engagement Session

Derek and I share a couple of common interests. Not only did we show up wearing the same shirt but we also love beer, and by beer I mean beers. China is just awesome, so no need to go into explaining further. Here are some of their engagement photos!

Gregg & Nichelle Engagement Session

I am super excited to get to share these special moments with Gregg and Nichelle. They are both such a fun couple. I can’t wait to experience their wedding day with them!

Ben & Jenna Engagement Session – Downtown Modesto

I had a great time capturing Ben & Jenna as we wondered around downtown Modesto and a random orchard we stumbled upon. I really appreciated how comfortable they are around each other, I can see it in the way they smile at each other and how easy it is for them to get each other to laugh. I can’t wait …