Studio V Day Spa Photo Session

Today I was in commercial mode as I took portraits and photos for Studio V Day Spa in Modesto to use for their website and promotional material. I was able to capture portraits of the entire staff as well as some nice photos of their beautiful relaxing day spa atmosphere.

Headshot Test Shots

Headshots are something I don’t do often but am always reminded of how much fun they are and how good they turn out. Before I started shooting the Studio V girls headshots I took a few shots of my assistant Sean. He always ends up with a few shots which I guess works out for the both of us. These …

Hill Family Self Portraits

Every year we get into November and wonder what we are going to do for Christmas Cards. I wanted to do something a little more special than a basic card so I grabbed my family and my camera and ran out the door. It was mid November and the trees were finally turning. This orchard we stumbled upon while driving …

It’s a Hill Family Christmas

The holidays are always filled with fun but when your little guy is old enough to start enjoying it there is a whole new level of joy around the tree. I thought I would share some of the photos of my little family from Christmas of 2011.

The Silver GTR

I have been in love with this car since I first saw one. Before it came to the US it was called the Nissan Skyline and was not available in the US. Of course the old Skyline that I used to love can’t hold a candle to the new GTR. A friend of mine just so happens to own a …